Beware of telephone scammers

Beware of telephone scammers

Since Microsoft have recently clamped down on telephone scammers purporting to be calling from the software giant, the scammers appear to have changed tack.  Now apparently using the credentials of major service providers such as TalkTalk and others.

Despite knowing considerable detail about your account and address, DO NOT allow them to have access to your computer UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! 

They will try to convince you that your PC has been compromised and will point you to apparent errors logged (quite normally) by talking you through things you have never seen before and then proceed to ask you to pay for their clearance and subsequent protection.

The charges appear to be between £60 and £180 – but you will get nothing for your money!!

If you get caught by this scam you should take steps to get your PC checked as soon as possible as they will often leave malicious software installed with potentially damaging results.

If you have fallen victim to a call, as outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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