Remote Support

Through our association with we can offer a remote support service which enables us to connect to any PC or Mac anywhere in the World in order to conduct fault-finding and resolution without the need to physically visit you.

You are able to see everything we do and we are able to chat whilst we are connected.  Please be aware that this is a chargeable facility (at our published rates) and payable via PayPal or credit/debit card on completion of the session.

In order to establish a connection we will ask you to visit via your browser and we will provide you with a unique 9 digit PIN.  You will then download a small program which will initiate a service request to our console.

Alternatively you can click the button to initiate a support call immediately.

Download and run the file and await your engineer’s connection.

We also have some limited services available to access Apple iPhones and iPads remotely too through the BASE iOS Applet.