About Us

Comput@medic offers a wide range of technical services for the PC and Macintosh user in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas of Bucks, Beds, Northants and Oxfordshire (approximately 35 mile radius). Click here for a leaflet for your noticeboard.

Offering a personal, on-site service we can provide the security of allowing you to see what is done to your computer with the added benefit of a willingness to explain everything to you in layman’s terms if required. Whilst the service is primarily software-biased we are able to undertake a wide variety of hardware-related tasks as well. Ranging from the installation of new systems or components to the repair or upgrade of existing parts.

Based on an extensive 34-year experience in the computer industry we have a reputation for reliability and determination. We offer our services as a full-time enterprise – not as a “moonlighting” extension to a “real” job. We are able to come to you at any reasonable time of day or evening and will always use our best efforts to arrive at the time of appointment. As often can be the case, if delays beset us we will advise you by telephone.

We will charge a fair price for any parts used and charge a flat rate of £30 for the first half-hour on-site and £50 per hour thereafter. We do not have a call out charge, we make no charge for travelling time and will NOT charge you if we fail to fix the problem. All prices are not subject to VAT as the company is not VAT registered.