It’s a real joy to write this one. We’ve been calling on Dave’s skills now for well over 10 years since we first had the luck to find him — probably on a web search.

Several of the problems we’ve posed him over the years have been real tricky ones but he always comes up with some ingenious solution. He’s something of a perfectionist without being a slave to mere perfectionism.

And he’s punctual — if he says he’ll be there at whatever time, he’ll be there either right on time or within a few minutes, and on the extremely rare occasions he may be delayed, he always phones.

And he’s a real decent guy with a great sense of humour. (And truly — he doesn’t pay me to write this!) It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, his knowledge of computers is vast. And I can tell you he wont break the bank.

Brian Robinson

Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. Very fast. and very reasonable. overall = very recommendable!

J Bhullar

Fantastic service and they really know their stuff! Highly recommended for anyone with computer problems, repair needs or questions about setting up a system / network!