Upgrading Apple devices? What you need to know!

Upgrading Apple devices? What you need to know!

If you were lucky enough to get a new iPad / iPhone for Christmas and are upgrading your device from an earlier model, here’s some advice on upgrading Apple devices.

Transferring all your Apps, photos and music from the old device to the new one is actually quite simple – but there are a few “gotchas” that can make it more complicated than you would like.

The process consists of running a full backup from the old device – this is achieved by following these steps:

  1. Settings
  2. iCloud
  3. Backup
  4. Backup Now

Then, after switching on the new device:

  1. Connect to your WiFi
  2. Enter the SAME Apple ID as used on the old device and
  3. Choose “Install from iCloud backup”

The “gotcha” here is that if the new device is running an older version of iOS, you will not be offered ANY backups from which to restore to the new device.

In this case, you will have no choice but to set up the new device as a “New device” using your Apple ID. Then you will NEED to upgrade the iOS to the latest version. Once complete, you should do a full restore in the following stages:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Restore
  4. Erase all Data and Settings

Go through the setup process again, this time, selecting the chosen backup from iCloud.

Once the restore is complete, you will only have to re-enter the passwords for each account. All Apps will be re-installed and photos and music from iCloud will download in a short while.

Another little “gotcha” here is that music previously ripped from CD’s will NOT be reloaded from iCloud (unless you subscribe to iTunes Match). They will have to be re-sync’ed via iTunes from the PC/Mac onto which they were ripped initially.

If you have any problems of this nature, we are, of course very happy to help as we have extensive experience with upgrading Apple devices.