Video problems with Windows 10

Video problems with Windows 10

It has become apparent over recent days that Windows 10 has some issues with the screen display.

It looks like Microsoft have made some significant changes to the way the display is handled in the upgrade to Windows 10 and, in a number of cases we’ve seen, software which works perfectly well in Windows 7 and even Windows 8/8.1 can experience substantial problems when running under Windows 10.

In one instance the latest driver for an nVidia GT760 would timeout inexplicably and cause the current application to crash, losing all data for that session.

In another, a number of games from Zylom would initialise to a blank screen only. Zylom have subsequently confirmed non-compatibilty.

If you are experiencing problems like this or are concerned that you might when you upgrade please contact us BEFORE you make that final step.


Hasn’t happened with my system, but I hope I’m not speaking too soon. (I’m referring to the W10 problem you have written about, Dave.) I upgraded from W7 (desktop) and W8.1 (laptop). So far no problems, although I did get the dreaded Blue Screen on the desktop a couple of times last month, but fortunately the problem disappeared after a thorough scan with antivirus and antimalware, so I suppose it had nothing to with Microsoft. Cyberlink DVD player works fine. My system has Nvidia, GeForce GT 545 (if that’s relevant to the issue.)

All best


The problem I saw the other day was specifically related to an nVidia GT760 controller. The most up-to-date driver still caused crashes and it’s entirely possible the same problem could occur with any nVidia GTxxx controller.

Nvidia has just asked me to update, Dave. I don’t think I will, just yet!

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